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Do you find yourself in need of liquidating a large quantity of personal property you can no longer use? 

An Acorn Estate Sale may be the solution you are looking for!

What types of services does Acorn Estate Liquidators, LLC offer?

Acorn Estate Liquidators, LLC offers in-person and online estate sales to provide our clients with appropriate options to liquidate their personal possessions.

How do I find out if an estate sale is right for me?

Acorn Estate Liquidators, LLC offers a free consultation for prospective clients.  We find that it is best to meet with you on location in order that we might assess the types and quantity of items you wish to sell.  This gives us a better idea of the logistics of the location and the scope of the work to be done.  We can then discuss options that would best meet your needs.  Contact us today!

How does an estate sale work?

An in-person estate sale is often called a "tag sale".  All items to be sold are sorted, organized, displayed, appraised for value, and priced.  The venue (often the home) is then opened to the public on specific days so that customers may purchase items.  Discounts may be offered over the course of the sale to facilitate the sale of as many items as possible during the sale period.  Customers pay for and remove their purchased items immediately.  

     An online estate sale works in a similar way with some modifications.  Items are still sorted, organized, appraised for value, and priced.  However, the items are then photographed and listed on an appropriate online marketplace at a set price.  The online sale can be open for any length of time appropriate, and discounts may be offered over the course of the sale to facilitate the sale of as many items as possible during the sale period.  Customers pay for their purchased items online and set an appointment to retrieve them from the venue.  Please note that this is NOT an online auction as items are priced and not put up for bid.  

What types of items can I sell in an estate sale?

Estate sales are used all across the United States to sell a limitless variety of merchandise.  An estate sale can be used to liquidate any personal property to include household goods, furniture, automobiles, farm and garden equipment, tools, clothing, jewelry, etc.  The only thing that cannot be sold by an estate sale is real estate, but all personal property within the real estate can~ no matter how big or small.

Isn't an estate sale just for when someone passes away?

In years past, estate sales were thought of as only a way to liquidate the leftover possessions of a deceased person~ this being called a true "estate".  However, in these times of regular life transitions, estate sales are used to liquidate the unneeded possessions of anyone.  More often than not today, estate sales are held for "living estates".

How much does an estate sale cost?

In most cases Acorn Estate Liquidators, LLC is able to host an estate sale for a client for a percentage of the sale profit.  Several factors can dictate the percentage charged, such as the amount and value of merchandise to be sold, the amount of preparation work to be done, travel expenses, material and advertising costs, etc.  However, we do our best to keep the percentage charged within a reasonable range for the estate sale industry.  We also do our best to avoid charging up-front fees or additional costs to the client outside of the percentage charged~ though there are sometimes situations that involve additional costs such as the need for extreme deep cleaning or extreme waste disposal in order to host the sale.  The percentage and any additional charges are discussed with prospective clients during our consultation.

How should I prepare for an estate sale?

Acorn Estate Liquidators, LLC asks all potential clients to allow us to meet with you to review the contents of the estate BEFORE you begin to throw items away or donate.  Unfortunately, we have discovered too late that potential clients have disposed of items that could have been valuable before they met with us in order to "clean up" the venue.  In many cases, items that may seem insignificant to you can have real value and may be worth more than antiques, collectibles, and furniture.  The best way to prepare for an estate sale is to remove any items you wish to keep from the venue, along with any personal papers, photographs, or mementoes.  You can dispose of outdated food items, medications, old mail, and trash.  You may be surprised that we do sell items like cleaning supplies, household and garden chemicals, usable food, etc.  People shop at estate sales for almost anything.  

Do I need to be present during the set up and sale?

Once Acorn Estate Liquidators, LLC has been contracted to host an estate sale, we ask for free access to the venue so that we can go to work for you.  It is not necessary that you be present during the set up or during the estate sale.  We often find that this is an emotional and difficult time for our clients and they prefer that we handle everything for them.  We care for each client's home as possessions as if they were our own.

Will every item be sold or will there be leftovers?

An estate sale will almost always have leftover items.  Sometimes it is items that may be of little value and are best donated to a charity.  Sometimes the items are of significant value and would be best consigned to be sold in a different way.  Acorn Estate Liquidators, LLC is able to assist in finding the right way to handle leftover items, either though the referral of a charitable organization that can put the items to good use, or through the referral of other sale opportunities such as an auction service or consignment shop.  We may be able to continue to sell the items on a consignment basis by adding them to another upcoming estate sale.  The end goal of any estate sale is to maximize profit on the items to be liquidated while limiting the amount of items that enter the waste disposal system.  We are happy to help you in any way that we can to meet those goals, even after an estate sale is over.

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